Geelong Remedial Massage

At Reach Physiotherapy, we are fortunate to have the talented remedial massage therapist Lara Jeffery.

Remedial Massage:
There are many reasons why people choose remedial massage. It could be to ease nagging back pain, aid recovery for sporting injuries, for relaxation purposes or even simply the sheer love of massage. Using various techniques like trigger point therapy, cupping, gua sha and stretching techniques by our qualified practitioners, remedial massage therapy releases contracted muscles. Allowing for more oxygen intake in stressed areas, it will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and released which can, in turn, help guard against abrupt strains or pulls.

Sports Massage:
If you play sport, a regular massage can do wonders to help prevent injury.  A clinic that understands firsthand the competitive demands of sports training and injury recovery, our physiotherapists have a strong understanding of the benefits of massage therapy integration into any good sporting routine. Our massage therapist can develop a personalised program to work in conjunction with your training, which can help maximise your performance and rehabilitation.

Relaxation Massage:
Relaxation Massage incorporates Swedish and Lymphatic techniques, which stimulates lymph nodal activity and increases blood flow back to the heart. It is also deeply relaxing! A good relaxation massage has been known to alleviate stress, relieve muscle tension and improve circulation of blood and lymph fluids. It has certainly been known to improve the quality of sleep too!

Bowen Therapy (NST):
We practise a specialised technique of the internationally successful Bowen Therapy (Neurostructual Integration Technique) which essentially consists of a series of soft tissue manoeuvres performed on the lower and upper back, abdomen, neck, arms and legs. This form of Bowen Therapy naturally initiates the body's own auto-regulation process, resulting in a rapid reduction - or elimination - of symptoms which often means more energy and a better sense of well-being!

Whatever the purpose, a regular massage routine is an important health maintenance step which can help protect against daily stresses and low energy levels, as well as nurturing oneself. So call us on 03 5243 1111 or contact us to make a remedial massage appointment today.